Provent + Separator

Setup your Provent Oil Catch Can Kit with a Donaldson Fuel Separator using Western Filters unique bracket. * Provent Kits & Separator Kits sold separately (currently only applies to Prov-17).

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Mann Provent Oil Catch Can and Donaldson Fuel Filter Water Separator


Check out our range of great filter kits for Nissan Navara D40 Patrol, Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50, Toyota Hilux Fortuner Landcruiser, Mitsubishi Pajeros Tritons, Holden Colorado, plus others !

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Quality 4WD Filter Kits for all the latest and popular models

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ProVent 200 Prevents the formation of oil and carbon deposits within the engine clean air intake ducting. Kits come complete with hoses, clamps, fittings and instructions.

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Mann Provent Oil Catch Cans Kits


**PRICE REDUCTION** - Stanadyne's patented Fuel Manager® range of combination fuel filter/water separators. We'll be selling Fuel Manager's Fuel Filter Water Separator Kits at reduced prices ! Heaps of different kits available !!

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Fuel Manager Fuel Filter Water Separator Kits


Check out these great Heavy Duty Automatic Belt Tensioners from Gates. They'll match or exceed the OEM standards ! One of these is for CAT Engines, another for a Commodore SS, while the other is for the Deroit 60 Series.

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Gates Automatic Belt Tensioners


Available at Western Filters: Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning. You could save yourself upto 90% in costs by cleaning your old DPF as opposed to buying a new one.
Includes a 'Before & After' flow rate report !

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DPF Cleaning Services at Western Filters


We stock a huge range of high quality Cabin Filters to suit many models.
If isn't listed, send us an email and we'll check for you !

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Cabin Air Filters from Wesfil and K&N

Funnels, Separators, Containers:

Check out our great range of Funnels - top quality products from the industry's best ! Funnels, Oil Drain Container and High Flow Fuel / Water Separators.

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Funnels, Oil Water Separators and Oil Drain Pans,


Alemlube Grease Guns and Accessories are constructed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications. Built using only the highest-grade materials and time tested designs.

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Alemlube Grease Guns and Accessories


Baldwins PureForce product line brings many advantages. Baldwin PureForce filters, bases & self-housed indicators all work together to protect hydraulic systems.

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Baldwin Filter Range - Oil Fuel Air Filters


Bando is a global leader in manufacturing world class power transmission belts to both industrial and automotive OEMs’ as well as an international network of industrial and automotive aftermarket distributors.

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Bando Transmission Belts


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Gates invented the V-belt and continues to be the world's largest manufacturer of power transmission belts offering a broad range of heavy-duty, light-duty and specialty belt drives.

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Gates Micro-V-Belts, Tensioners and Drive Aligns


Since 1969 K&N Engineering has been designing, manufacturing, and enhancing High-Flow Air Filters for the automotive and motorcycle enthusiast interested in maximizing horsepower and acceleration.

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K&N Filter Range - Air Oil Fuel Filter


We have a range of Belt & Pulley Kits with Dayco Belts and NuLine Pulleys. NuLine has all double sealed bearings which are of an extremely high quality. Great for high performance or just as an upgrade! Available in a variety of kits.

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Dayco Belts and NuLine Tensioners and Pulleys


Racor-Parker is the global leader in fuel, air, oil, and coolant filtration systems for internal combustion engines & fuel delivery. Fuel filter/water separator systems, high flow filter vessels, oil filter systems, plus much more.

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Racor Parker Marine Fuel Filter Water Separators

JAMEC PEM Trade Packs:

High Quality Manufacturer of compressed air fittings, tyre inflation gauges and other assorted equipment. Established in the 1930s and is wholly owned by Primus Australia. Over 22 packs to choose from. !!

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Jamec Pem Trade Packs


A leading supplier of Transport and Material Handling Equipment. Secure A Load provides high quality products to improve safety and security for the material handling industry, Providing products on time with the greatest value to our customers.

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Transport Fastening Equipment from Secure-A-load

Western Filters - Air Filter Cleaning Service
Filters to Suit All Vehicles & Machinery

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Western Filters Has Purchased A Second DPF Cleaning Machine

Western Filters uses the world's best equipment to provide an A1 DPF Filter Cleaning Service !
The machines we use come with cutting-edge technology from Europe and the USA !!

April 2016: Over the last six months, Western Filters has purchased a second DPF Cleaning Machine, this time employing the latest technology from Europe. Our latest machine augments are topline FSX Cleaning System and enables us to deal with the most stubborn build up of particulates in all filters. If you're DPF filter is still relatively young, we'll provide a cleaning serice which will have it performing at it's top limit. Western Filters, is covering all bases when it comes to providing world standard DPF Filter Cleaning Services.

Check out our 55sec video of our two machines in action >

DPF Complete Cleaning Service

Western Filters are pleased to announce that they have invested in brand new machinery to offer one of Australia's only Exhaust DPF Cleaning Services ! The FSX DPF Cleaning System is endorsed by the major engine manufacturers in the USA & Europe with many of these machines in service around the world. With each DPF filter we clean you will receive a comprehensive report on the condition of the filter and ‘before & after’ flow tests. We are currently setting up the system.

Step 1: Air Flow Test Bench - "TrapTester"
Before and after measurements ensure warranty compliance. Used by engine and truck OEMs as the standardized test bench. Identify defective filters. Monitor filter performance and improvement at every stage of the cleaning process. Handles almost any filter. Calibrated specifically for precision measuring of air flows on DPF. Used to record before and after cleaning air flows on customer filters to determine success or failure on cleaning the filter. Critical for warranty administration. The FSX TrapTester™ Air Flow Test Benchis now being used as the Standard measuring device by engine and truck OEM’s and dealers for repeatable testing nationwide. Every location needs the ability to get the same air flow readings for warranty and maintenance. Now being purchased by Volvo, Caterpillar and Cummins dealers.

Step 2: Pneumatic Cleaner - "TrapBlaster"
The "TrapBlaster" is the flagship of the FSX product line, utilizing patented technology to clean filters significantly better than competing designs. Upper and lower air jets allow cleaning from both ends of the filter, not just one. The FSX technology has a built in diagnostic feature that makes it possible to detect filters that are failing. High pressure air jets clean from both ends to ensure optimum filter recovery. Cell by cell cleaning ensures entire filter is cleaned. Diagnostic features during cleaning allow detection of failed cell walls and defective filters.

Connected to the TrapBlaster™ is the "SootSucker" Dust Collector.

The SootSucker captures diesel particulate released from Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) being cleaned using the FSX TrapBlaster™ Pneumatic Cleaner. Automatic online self-cleaning cycle pulses dust out of internal filters to drop into the bottom Quick-Release Bucket™ while operating. Two stage filtration. Stage 1: Paper Cartridge Filter, 98.5% efficient at 1-3 micron | Stage 2: HEPA Panel Filter, 99.7% efficient at 1 micron (24" x 24" x 12")

Step 3: Air Flow Test Bench - "TrapTester"

Step 4: TrapBurner™ Thermal DPF Cleaner
The TrapBurner™ Thermal Cleaner provides a programmed, regulated thermal regeneration of troublesome filters without cracking or damage. Programmable Logic Controller allows for easy program adjustments, with pre-loaded programs matching manufacturer specifications for Cordierite, Silicon Carbide, and sintered metal filters.

Step 5: Pneumatic Cleaner
Step 6: Air Flow Test Bench - "TrapTester"

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

A diesel particulate filter has thousands of small channels that are alternatively sealed. This close-up illustration shows how exhaust flow eneters one channel and is forced to exit out an adjacent channel. The filtering occurs as the flow passes through the wall. DPFs require a regular service known as de-ashing or filter cleaning. This process is required to remove unburned lube oil that has accumulated in the DPF. The material that is removed from the DPF during cleaning is considered hazardous waste, and must be properly handled and disposed of in a safe and controlled environment.

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